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Response to Doss

Oct 09, 1999 04:03 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>>With the above scenario, we can see in a couple of years, all the
traditionally organized theosophical organizations by passed by serious
students who are interested in theosophy and not in theosophical politics,
even though some may feel being immersed in theosophical politics they are
furthering the interests of theosophy.
Any thoughts?>>

What is your definition of "serious students?"  I consider myself
a serious student, and have never been bothered by politics at all.

I agree that a few "serious students" are leaving because of
politics.  Most, I fear, are leaving because of the current read-study-in-
this-life-so-you will-better-your-chances-in-the-next is what is
turning folks off (it certainly turns me off).  The bottom-line
message of Christianity is to be ethical in this life and you
will be rewarded in the hereafter. Pray tell me whats the difference?
HPB's Theosophical Movement is now just another religion.

I have, so far, ignored the silly warnings about the dangers of
psychism and what not, and long ago struck out on my own
path of yoga, meditation, and development. I have stuck by
Theosophy, largely out of gratitude for the initial help I received,
but not for much else.

In ancient times, and I suppose in the East, when a student
learns all that the Master can teach, that student becomes a
Master in turn and carrys on the work.  This can't happen in
any of the TSs today because of the absolute fear of anything
said that is not engraved in stone by HPB, etc. New thoughts
and new views, and largely even new words for the same
ideas are ignored or shunned. Any Theosophical Master or
Leader today HAS to teach exactly what HPB did, and
nothing more.  While this has the advantage of maintaining
purity, it also has the disadvantage of ensuring stagnation.
I don't know what the answer to this problem is, but if it is
not solved soon, the Theosophical Movement will doubtless
become a footnote in history.

Case in point: When I try to discuss some Buddhist teachings
that I learned from Buddhist Masters, I get a lot of flack from
Theosophists who know only what HPB taught. HPB taught
a lot, and for her day it was a significant accomplishment. But
today we have Buddhist Masters themselves talking, and we
have modern translations of the old Masters, and when they
disagree or go beyond what Blavatsky wrote, to flame them
and quote Blatvatsky instead is rather narrow-minded (faithful,
but narrow-minded nonetheless).

Jerry S.

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