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Reborn in animal form

Oct 06, 1999 05:13 AM
by mika perala

> Daniel wrote:
> > I believe it is his contention that the Gelugpa tradition is NOT necessarily
> > the esoteric view of HPB's Masters.  In fact, there is a orthodoxy in
> > the Gelugpa religion just as one finds an orthodoxy in all other religions
> > of the
> > world.  And that over the centuries since Tsongkhapa's death a literalism
> > has
> > become predominant in the Gelugpa tradition.  For example, the Gelugpa lamas
> > believe in reincarnation of humans into animal forms.  They literally
> > believe this.
> I can second that. We have in Holland a Tibetan
> Buddhist-tempel, with corresponding monestary. With our
> lodge we went there and had a great time (also met by pure
> accident some TS-members from ROtterdam). That is not the
> point of course. THe point is that the people there
> absolutely believed that bad people do reincarnate into
> animals, and that it happens often.
> Katinka

Is there buddhists that do NOT believe that humans may reborn as


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