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Christian Scientists

Oct 01, 1999 02:15 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>>As a matter of fact I have personally had many conversations with
Christian Scientists, and it has been my experience that in many
ways they are an extraordinarily open-minded body of people. >>

Well, this has NOT been my experience, and I was one for many

I got into a lot of trouble as a Sunday School teacher when I
tried to teach the older kids meditation ala Eddy.  Meditation,
I was told, is an Eastern magical practice that is neither
scientific nor Chrisitian. That was the straw that finally broke
my back and made me leave the Church after 10+ years.

Mrs. Eddy says in her "bible" that "nothing good will ever
come out of the East" and so for any Christian Scientist
to acknowledge an Eastern teaching, Leader, or philosophy
would be considered heresy.  Mrs Eddy also had nasty
things to say about Theosophy. When I left the Church I
was treated as a black sheep of the family for many many

An atmosphere of distrust and selfishness pervaded the CS
Churches that I attended and it was the compassion of
Theosophy that got me to finally trade horses.

Jerry S

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