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Re: Space

Oct 01, 1999 01:59 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>>As we perceive/live it, time and space are separate - not Einsteinian.

Well, this may be your perception, but it is not mine.
Instead of the word time, Blavataky used motion, which
implies some mass moving through space, and speed
or velocity always implies time. So how can anyone
move through space (i.e., exist) and not have a sense
of time? All bodies (anything with a mass) moves through
both time and space together. Maybe you don't perceive
it that way, but once we are aware of it, its pretty easy.

>>We do not perceive relativity.

Not as a physical object maybe, but we do as a concept or idea.
Actually, the whole idea of everything being relative to
everything else is close to a Buddhist view. In the Einsteinian
sense, though, all that is really relative is motion (which includes
aging as a time-dependent process).

>> Rather, Einsteinian theory applies to
the universe as we mathematically model it using geometry (space)
to model energetic states (vectors) according to uniform mechanical
motion (clocks - taken as the physical representative of time since
time eludes definition so far).  >>

While what you saying is certianly true, it is not fair to limit
the theory of relativity to a mathematical plaything.  If physics
is not applicable or relevent to life, then what good is it?
Math is a language of relationships, and those relationships
are very real.  My point in the essay that you disliked so
much is that time, space, and form all come into existence
together, and are only meaningful together.  Pure space with
nothing in it is a meaningless concept, and does not exist
anywhere except in our imaginations. Same with form without
space to contain it.

>>In otherwords, to take time as the fourth
dimension and vector states as 12 dimensions is to take literally the
useful mathematical analogy of thinking about energy states and time
geometrically (spatially).

Grigor Ananikian>>

And the fifth dimension is consciousness.

Have a nice day.

Jerry S.

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