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Re: theos-l digest: September 27, 1999

Sep 30, 1999 06:01 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 9/28/1999 12:01:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Katinka

<< Yes, but the problem with money is, that it can so easily
 become the motive, and then, where is my spirituality?
 Out the window.. >>

But on the other hand, if one isn't getting paid, or isn't getting paid
enough, then one may begin to worry constantly about money - where the rent
money will be coming from, how will we keep the lights on and feed ourselves?
 Or if one isn't paid for one's "bliss," then one has to keep a nine-to-five
job just to pay the bills, on top of striving toward spiritual enlightenment,
which can be pretty draining all around.  Then the money-grubbing can get
worse than if one was paid well enough in the first place to concentrate on
the actual work and not on how to survive until the next few dollars dribble
in.  At least that's been my experience.  I've had the "freedom" of
freelancing, which boiled down to being desperate and on-call round the clock
- and I've had a steady paycheck and been able to leave my job and come home
to pursuits of my own choice, and at the moment I prefer the latter, as it
affords me both some measure of at least apparent financial security and some
"free time" that's more free than if I were waiting by the phone, hoping the
next customer might call, or hawking my wares.  Eventually I'd love to
freelance, and volunteer, but only if I could work it out so that I had
enough financial security that I didn't have to worry about money constantly.


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