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Re: In support of theosophy

Sep 30, 1999 05:24 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

hesse600 wrote:
> aye, sex in marriage or a stable relationship is allowed
> and homosexual relationships are allowed or not, depending
> on which national section you are in!

	Stable homosexual relationships are not allowed. Some national sections
look the other way.

	There was an episode of the American situation comedy, THE ODD COUPLE,
where the principles were on a cruise ship. The annoying partner
complained about the lack of activities, and the purser made him in
charge of finding new activities, and gave him a whistle. The grungy
partner asked the purser if he was crazy, and the purser said, "I find
that the best way to deal with a potential troublemaker is to give him a
whistle. By the way, do you want a whistle?"

	I think the Mahatmas knew what they were doing when they created the

	Bart Lidofsky

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