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Response to Doss on Celibacy

Sep 25, 1999 02:04 PM
by Gerald Schueler

[Doss:]<<It was the *Leadbeaterian* theosophy that postulated
( and believed by many) that to spiritually progress celibacy was

Doss, please don't blame CWL for this one. This Victorian notion
comes directly from the Masters (its in the MLs) themselves.

<<I concur with Alan. I have read many of the Besant, Leadbeater, CJ books
and learned about theosophy. But coupled with attending traditional
lectures, the result was not independent thinking. One ends up assuming all
that is written as incontrovertible facts, which is anti-thesis of
independent thinking and investigation and being critical and skeptical
about the facts.>>

Again, this is human nature and is true for most who read HPB and
the MLs as well. I think we need independent thinking with whomever
the source of a book might be. I still don't "go along with" HPB in
all areas, for example. One the one hand this makes me an
independent thinker, but on the other hand there are several on
this list who wonder why I am in Theosophy since I disagree
with her on something she wrote.

Jerry S.

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