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Re: In support of theosophy

Sep 22, 1999 06:51 PM
by Alan

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> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 4:09 AM
> Subject: Re: In support of theosophy

> THAT I have never been accused of (to my knowledge).

.... just hang around a while longer, and who knows?  You may get lucky!
> The Adyar TS is democratically run. In any democratically run
> organization, no matter how high its aims, you will find lies, rumors,
> and backstabbing. It's just the nature of the beast. If you can remain
> active, and don't hold office, everybody likes you a LOT more...
.... and a LOT LOT more if you are not a member of it!  There is a small
theosophical group in these parts which although it could probably find
enough people (3) to form a centre or (7) to form a Lodge, chooses not
to do so.  Whether any one of them is a TS member I don't know, but I
would suspect so.  Local occult and/or new age groups who get a speaker
from them do not usually ask for another one.  The local cachement area
holds about 20,000 adults.

As I said before,

Heigh Ho,


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