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Re: In support of theosophy, not pseudosophism

Sep 22, 1999 01:50 PM
by JRC

Oh BABY that was one of the single best damned posts I have *ever* read on
this list. Grigor I want *you* to be the next international president at
Adyar. And that isn't sarcasm, I *mean* it. That *spirit* in your post, the
attitude, is painted with the same brush HPB used ... in what you call the
"Caucasus perspective" I hear overtones of the same fire that has produced
some of the most stunning initiates the world has known. THAT is what is
utterly missing from modern Theosophy - the enormity of its life side. Too
damn much confusion of being "spiritual" with being "nice" and the
personality level. Too much fear of mistakes, too much desire to control.
The growing and utterly idiotic belief that growth can be *comfortable*,
that progress comes about by *hiding* from life, that *risk* is to be
avoided, that *conflict* is wrong, that one can storm the mountains of human
evolution by avoiding almost every significant human experience, and indeed
without even messing up one's hair; that one can *serve* human evolution
without upsetting anyone ... Ha! Might as well believe an eagle can hatch
without breaking it's egg, or that new forms of organization can emerge
without disrupting or even troubling any of the people clinging to the old!


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