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Re: Lock-step mentality

Sep 21, 1999 04:57 PM
by Alan

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> From: hesse600 <>
> Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 2:59 PM
> Subject: Re: Lock-step mentality

> Well, in feeling welkom, I think that the TS is not a
> uniform whole. In some parts members and non-members with
> very different idea's feel welkom (some lodges, some
> meetings about certain subjects) whereas other groups tend
> to exclude people more or less involuntarily.
> And before you tell me the first kind doesn't exist: I know
> of at least three groups here in Europe, mostly in Holland,
> because I do not know the TS in the rest of Europe, or the
> world as well.
Having been several times to Holland, I suspect that your country is one
of the places where people who think differently on TS teachings *would*
be welcome.  When I visited Amsterdam (twice) and Den Haag (once) I was
received with great courtesy and hospitality.


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