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Re: Grave wax

Sep 20, 1999 06:41 AM
by JRC

>Kym wrote,
>> >But tell, me, what are his "intentions" in funding a
>> >nearly 20 billion dollar charitable trust?
>> I haven't a clue what is in Bill Gates' heart and soul.  I've no idea why
>> he has started a trust.  Tax purposes?  Could be.  Altruism?  Could be.
>> Doesn't matter as long as it helps just one person.
>Yes, I agree with that, but if Bill's spiritual growth is
>what we are worrying about, than his motive suddenly
>matters heaps.

Yes. As an aside, I've heard from more than one person that knows him that
he actually is quite genuine in his motives. He isn't particularly
religious, but apparently does feel some sort of duty or compulsion to *do*
things with the enormous amount of money he has. And more than that, he is
apparently intent on doing it with wisdom ... understanding that a large
infusion of money can cause as much confusion and corruption as benefit
(just as it can in personal lives - its amazing how many lottery winners
wind up with their lives destroyed by the money ... its a very powerful
energy) ... he & his foundation are being exceedingly careful to work within
existing frameworks in the fields where the money is going. Studying groups
and non-profits it goes to. Not trying to re-invent the wheel and control it
all himself, but rather seeking individuals and groups that are solid,
genuinely committed, and effective, and lacking (as many non-profits do) but
small amounts of money to vastly increase the amount of good they can do. He
put his father in charge of the main foundation, but intends, after he
retires, to spend a considerable amount of time running it himself. He
intends it to be his *profession* in the latter half of his life.

BTW - just heard he made another donation - at a time when in the US the
Republicans have decided that affirmative action is a "mistake", that
apparently all racial problems of the past have been solved, and laws that
*were* providing a chance at higher education for a good number of minority
students are being kicked off the books ... Gates just donated 1 billion to
help fund minority education in the states ... again using the existing
non-profit network (the current Chair of the United Negro College Fund will
be managing the funds ...).

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