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Re: forced out?

Sep 20, 1999 05:05 AM
by hesse600

> That it may be now slightly more difficult for a
> group of radical Hindus (who the hell *would* try to take over a
> Theosophical branch?)
Well, since the TS has money and people, the TS is for some
organisations an atractive thing to take over. In holland
recently one of our most active groups has been the subject
of such an attempt. There was a whole mess, the National
chair was involved and the lodge was saved: it stayed its
own self, instead of becoming a pupit of a racist club
which mascerades as a theosophical-like organisation.
This may sound like bull, but though I do not agree with
all that Amsterdam does, our current chair there is
certainly not inclined to lying, in my experience.

Katinka (Holland)

NHL Leeuwarden

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