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Re: forced out?

Sep 16, 1999 03:52 PM
by JRC

>In a message dated 9/16/99 9:41:26 AM Central Daylight Time,
>>  I'm just curious - what specific methods have been used to actually
>> or
>>  force, people out of the Society?  I've been reading the general
>> to
>>  such activities but would be interested in specifics on how that is
>>  accomplished.  Are memberships actually revoked, and people banned from
>>  attending meetings?
>legal minds want to know.

Both of you have been on the list for awhile haven't you? You've heard all
this before. Memberships revoked? Hell, Adyar has revoked Charters for
entire nations (Canada, Denmark, they gave serious problems to Russia ...).

The American TS saw fit to *sue* the Boston Lodge - a massive fiasco ...
destroyed it. Wound up costing *us*, the TS membership, somewhere around a
half-million dollars in legal fees (yet these people will still say that
their *critics* aren't behaving in a "brotherly" fashion!). But don't worry,
it'll never happen again. The Board, furious at the non-compliant, shoved
through by-laws that pretty much gives them total control over any Lodge
they want - including assets that the Lodges themselves have accumulated
over the years. I could go on endlessly, but ... why?

They got what they want. Total control. They will also be karmically
responsible for what they do with it. And so far, what they've done is
shrunk membership by fully a third.

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