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Re: Internet in India:TS-Adyar

Sep 07, 1999 02:21 AM
by hesse600

> My own belief is that ... the "Hierarchy" (as it is called in the literature
> by HPB and the KH and Morya of the Mahatma Letters) does not in any way
> shape or form operate like a democracy - in fact doesn't even pretend or
> aspire to. It is presented as a strict order in which those at the bottom
> voluntarily bow to those above them - in fact it would be considered the
> height of arrogance for a Chela to demand access to the Adepts, or to have
> any say at all in the governing of the service it organizes ... its a sort
> of benevolent dictatorship.
Well, HPB says somewhere that a yogi never does anything
unless some other yogi has allready had that thought. So it
takes two yogis who think something should be done, for
action to be taken. Also: Judge says in relation to the
formation of the ES that it is sometimes the duty of a
*younger student* (in this case himself) to point out to an
older one what needs to be done. So if there isn't
democracy in the sense of voting (which is only neccessary
when there are to many people to reach concensus) in the
Occult Brotherhoood, there is the spirit of democracy at
least in some ways. Also the *orders* from above are
prominent in the literature, but it is also clear from the
same literature that for us normal folks, even up to some
*masters* personal initiative is asked for, is neccessary,
is in fact the only way to help humanity and develop the
neccessary judgement through the personal intuition.

So if the hierarchical nature has been stressed, I think it
is only because the end of the last century was such an
emergency, HPB being the best available, not the best
thinkable. She needed a lot of guidance and orders to be
kept in shape.
> I think the problem, from the beginning of the TS, has been that its
> leaderships have attempted to replicate that model of governance - only
> problem is that the society of Adepts, and its governing model - only works
> when those at the top *are* at the top because of their spiritual
> achievements ... because of their mastery of the human chain of evolution,
> the immensity and development of their power, their love, or their knowledge
> (depending upon the ray). The purity of their motives, the clarity of their
> intent, the wisdom with which they serve can be relied upon.
> Personality-level motives do not even exist ... or rather, if they do exist
> in that small portion of the Adept soul present in an incarnating entity,
> they certainly aren't accorded any weight in decision making.
I agree, that is exactly why we normal people need
democracy, even in the ES.
> What has destroyed the TS however (and it *IS* dead as an organization ...
> despite the continuing empty deliberations and "service" of the current
> governing clique, and its ever shrinking circle of followers) is the use of
> such a governing model by folks without enough spiritual watts to even fully
> see themselves, let alone brighten the path for humanity.
Well, isn't that a bit pessimistic?

Katinka (again, the eternal optimist ;-) )

NHL Leeuwarden

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