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The September THEOSOPHY WORLD Is Out

Sep 03, 1999 08:36 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

The September issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD is out. It's
contents are:

"Brookings Conference Report," by Wesley Amerman
"The Beauty of Reincarnation," by Katherine Tingley
"The Wanderings of Odysseus: An Interpretation," Part II, by
     Charles J. Ryan
"The Psychology of Reincarnation," by Ernest Wood
"The Destruction of Illusion," by A. Trevor Barker
"Blavatsky Net Update," by Reed Carson
"The Struggle Between the Old Views and the New," by Leo Tolstoy
"More on the Birthday of the Dhyanis and Other Cyclic Events,"
     by Dallas TenBroeck

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