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Re: Internet in India

Sep 02, 1999 07:28 PM
by Alan

> TS has not used e-mail to keep in
> touch with its membership? Why? Do we need to go Tibet and ask our
> Founders (if we can locate Them) to find out.

They are all in Devachan.  The TS talks about this place, but would seem
to have lost any real contact with it.  If you want to talk with the
gods, you have to go to them.  Messengers and avatars are the *least*
used methods from the "Master" end of things. As far as I can tell - and
sometimes I can - their current view is something like, "They [the TS]
have fallen into committees and vanities."
> Like they say house is on fire, with the dwindling membership, not
> Internet does not make sense, at least to me an ordinary member with
> inside information.

The Internet is a power-free zone.  If those in charge believe they are
in authority, rather than working as what they should be, ie, unpaid
caretakers, then they will want to retain the authority and the illusory
and destructive "power" that appears to go with it.
> Hope some light will shine and help TS use internet/e-mail

All the flying pigs are shining their torches on earth, but to no avail.
> ...mkr

On my own website, below, all the info I provide is free, including the
Kabbalist teaching. My time is given freely, and I pay for my web space
out of my own pocket.  Any occultist or student on the Internet can do
this, and there is a lot of *free* web space available.  All that the
organisational TS has to offer is information, and increasing amount of
which is available for free download from Internet sites such as the
T.U.P. and Blavatsky Net, as well as other occult sites to which there
are links from my web site, some of which are those of theosophists of
various persuasions.  As a comparison, I subscribe to Medpulse, which
provides free information relating to medical diseases and
phamacological medicines.  There is no charge for this service.  Here in
the UK I can now go to thousands of government web sites and obtain
reliable source information, even though we do not yet have a Freedom of
Information Act from Parliament yet.  For personal reasons, I was able
to obtain all the details on the local primary school where I live,
including the latest performance statistics.  From the police (via fax
in this case) I obtained all the local road accident statistics at no
charge other than the phone call.  A Department of Education document 81
pages long was available for free download (PDF).  All for the cost of a
phone call.

The Internet is HERE, NOW.  All we have to do is go find what we want.

In their own day, both Jesus and Buddha were here, now, and told their
followers to go find what they wanted.  If, in their day, you needed
Jesus of Buddha, you had to go find *them* in the same way. "Seek, "
said Jesus, "and you will find."

I'll buy that - mostly for the cost of a local call.  No committees
necessary.  No membership fees.  No questions asked, either, other than
(sometimes) my name and address.

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