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Privacy in Internet Age

Jul 23, 1999 07:02 AM
by M K Ramadoss

One of the drawbacks of the information and internet age is that there is
less and less of privacy. It is lot more difficult to conceal information
about ourselves. I just visited a website which offers to obtain background
info on people for a small fee which can be charged to a credit card. Some
of  the info they are able to provide are:

Current and previous addresses for last 10 years.

Additional phone #s if any

Drivers license description info in TX and FL.

Family members of the individual

Other people at the same address

Neighbors with listed phone numbers

Spouses in TX an FL.

Summary of assets

Property ownership and value

Vehicle ownership and value

UCC Liens

So if we live in a highly industrialized country like USA, let us not kid
ourselves about keeping our privacy.


PS: For example, anyone on the net can find out where I live, a map to my
home, and a floor plan of my home -- all this at no cost!!!

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