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Some Quotes from Theosophical Sources

Jul 01, 1999 06:35 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Some quotations extracted from Theosophical sources:

"If one were to attempt to write pages, they would be but
reiterations.  Does not the whole of life's purpose point to a
realization of Unity in Diversity:  seeing all things as one in
One, instead of separately and in detail?  There are always the
pairs of opposites in separative considerations, and these are
effects.  The One Reality sees both as reflections, a light and
dark;  if not seen they do not exist."  	R C  FP 55

"We should all constantly remember that if we believe in the
Masters we should at least try to imitate them in the charity
They show for our weaknesses and faults.  In no other way can we
hope to reach Their high estate, for by beginning thus we set up
a tendency which will one day perhaps bring us near to Their
development;  by not beginning we put off the day for ever."
	WQJ  "Heart Doctrine" p. 90  [ WQJ Articles II p. 361 ]

"To abstain from condemning others is a course to be continually
striven for;  it is vital.  No two really act from the same basis
of perception;  how, then can anyone judge ?  It should be
granted that each one is trying to do his best -- the best that
he knows.  His knowledge may be small, but if he strives to do
the best he knows, his knowledge increases."   R C  FP 52

"The fact that the person whom you condemn, or oppose, or judge
seems now in this life to deserve it for his acts in this life,
does not alter the other fact that his nature will react against
you when the time comes.  The reaction is a law not subject to
nor altered by any sentiment on your part.  He may have truly
offended you and even hurt you and done that which in the eye of
man is blameworthy;  but all this does not have anything to do
with the dynamic fact that if you arouse his enmity by your
condemnation or judgment there will be a reaction on you and
consequently on the whole of Society in any country when the
reaction takes place."  WQJ  "Heart Doctrine" 87
[ WQJ Articles II p. 358-9 ]

"The true path to divine wisdom is in performing our duty
unselfishly in the station in which we are placed, for thereby
convert lower nature into higher, following Dharma--our whole
	WQJ  'Heart Doctrine"  106  [ Theos. Articles & Notes, p. 223 ]

Dear Friends:

In seeking to make Theosophy practical we have many hints given
to us.  And some we may have set aside as things for us to
remember in our own lives.  Perhaps you might care to share them
with us all and add them to this list.  May we see and use them ?


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