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Re: Mrs Blavatsky lied about journey in Tibet

Jun 13, 1999 02:15 PM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 6/13/99 12:25:49 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> >to this
>  >day professors at some of the most esteemed universities on earth look at
>  >the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled as truly remarkable works -
>  Have these professors published papers acknowledging Mrs Blavatsky's 2 
>  as "truly remarkable works"?
Well, Robert Ellwood is a professor of religion and a big fan of them.  I 
know of other professors who find them "remarkable" not because they are 
sacred revelation but because here a woman from the 19th century compiled a 
philosophy showing an intimate knowledge of a vast range of sources that 
westerners on the whole, even in academia, were unaware of and how her 
published work stimulated oriental studies and the massive translation 
project of Asian texts.  Apart from that, there are many ways the word 
"remarkable" can be used I think.  English were such a wishy washy race and 
their language allows one to lie with infinite shades of degree and nuance 
unlike other languages that have "evolved" less from their roots.  I have 
heard it said,

There was a remarkable man from Kent,
who had one so long it bent,
when it was time to screw,
like Clinton he would fold it in two -
and instead of coming,
he went (hence no condemning medical proof).

I have also heard remarkable used for one of last stories by Pravda before 
of Soviet Union.  Everybody who somebody knew it was going to happen.  So, 
diplomatic corp in Moscow all meet for big party at British embassy.  After 
much drinking with a few scandalous jokes about the relationship between 
Thatcher and Major, the diplomats began to brag big time about their personal 
accomplishments.  Russian Assistant Embassador bragged he was big fast 
sprinter in 100 yard dash.  The British Naval Attache says he was same in 
college.  So, they clear floor and hall for race.  Drunk Russian stumbles and 
falls at starting line and British Navy guy finishes.

Next day, Pravda reports, "Russian Embassador Second in Race, British Attache 
Second to Last."  American diplomat read headline, smiled, and told me, "The 
last remarkable headline of a remarkable rag."  I learn quickly that rag is 
American word for newspaper of questionable quality.  That certainly Pravda.  
Many different kinds of "remarkable" I think.


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