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Re: David Green's Critical History Page on Theosophy

Jun 09, 1999 11:39 AM
by David Green

Mr JRC----

>The reason for suspicions are several. Many of us on this list have
>completed dissertations, and a few now grade them. But if I ever started
>even a freshman level paper, let alone a major piece of graduate research,
>by going onto a field's online discussion list, specifically and explicitly
>seeking *only* one side of a story, and while I was at it continually
>attempting to convince the members of the list that the people they had
>studied for years were highly questionable characters -

I'm interested in all sides of story concerning Robert Crosbie.  OBTW, it's 
ULT & its associates who've worked quite hard to keep the complete, real 
story of Crosbie's life---well hidden.

Highly questionable characters?  In many respects Mrs Blavatsky *appears* as 
highly questionable character. Read Godwin's Theosophical Enlightenment, 
Johnson's books, Carlson's No Religion Higher than Truth, Deveney's Paschal 
Randolph etc etc. Blavatsky comes off as unsavory character.  Maybe she's 
not.  Would like to know more of other side.

But it's United Lodge of Theosophists in their histories which relentlessly 
paint Besant, Olcott, Chakravarti, Tingley, Hargrove, de Purucker as highly 
questionable characters.  In all I've written about Mr Crosbie I've never 
said anything 1/10 as strong as what these ULTites have written about these 
famous theosophists.  & it appears Mr Dallas TenBroeck takes every occasion 
he can to question Mrs Tingley's character.  What are Dallas T.'s motives?  
& the ULT's motives for their character defamation of theosophists?  
Question my motives all you want but why this selective treatment?  Next 
time Mr TenBroeck questions Mrs Tingley's character on theos-l, why don't 
you pen 10,000 word essay on him, his motives, etc etc etc?

Mr JRC---

>A graduate school
>dissertation certainly doesn't require a website to be launched with random
>articles and your own half-completed "research".

No, website isn't required but------you act like it's terrible sin that I 
have such a site.  Maybe you find nothing of interest at my site.  Okay.  
But others have written thanking me for info they knew nothing about before 
they read it on my website.

>Insult the early Theosophists all you want, it won't deter
>anyone on this list from *their* studies. Keep posting all you want to - in
>fact I've even encouraged people on the list to go look at your site.

Where have I insulted early Theosophists?  Yes, yes, I've asked some 
questions concerning Mr Crosbie, his claims, etc.  Is that also sin?

Mr JRC----

>You are, of
>course, quite free to keep posting here all you want.

Thanks for your permission.  I'm quite glad you're allowing me to do this.  
BTW, do you own this list?

Mr JRC----

>I could care
>less about the personal lives of the founders, but find the philosophical
>ideas in some of their writings to be stimulating, and as worthy of
>consideration as any other school of philosophy is. I've been, in the past,
>at times very critical of official Theosophical organizations, but always
>with the motive of addressing what I considered problems, towards the end 
>improving them, and aiding in the expansion and distribution of 
>thought. I am specifically critical of your posts because your motives are
>highly questionable and negative, you seem to have no interest in
>Theosophical *ideas*, but merely wish to publically denigrate the founders,
>and you actually have the guts to use a discussion list, run by and for
>Theosophists, to do so.

Oh----your motives are always good & fine while mine are highly questionable 
and negative?  You're such a paragon of virtues, Mr JRC.
How do you know if I'm interested or not in theosophical *ideas*?  FYI, I'm 
much interested in theos ideas.  But my study is on Judge, his bio, history, 
controversy surrounding him, ULT mythology on Judge, etc etc. Discussion of 
theosophical ideas won't help much in this historical study--analysis.  
Maybe I'm mistaken but I'm sure you'll let me know.  Limit to 10,000 words 
or less, Mr JRC.

Oh dear me, I have the guts to intrude on this discussion list, "run by and 
for theosophists."  Another sin of mine?  Do you know whether I'm a 
theosophist or not?  How do you determine that?  Are you the Mahatma to 
determine whether I'm a true theosophist or not?  OBTW, where does it say 
that this list is "run by and for theosophists"----only?  Non-theosophists 
go away?

JRC, you're very broadminded & tolerant in your practice of universal 
human-hood. I'm going back to Comedy Channel.


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