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Re: David Green's Critical History Page on Theosophy

Jun 09, 1999 07:14 AM
by David Green

MKR & JRC---

It's quite amazing how you two waste so many words
about me & my site without addressing the content
on the site.

"Put together, for a laugh, some "critical articles" - full of
a mixture of truth and falsehoods, but written in the tone of the profoundly 

JRC---is this what theosophists do for pastime & fun?
You crack me up.

If you two are concerned about negative, onesided
presentation on my site, write up other side &
publish it on Tripod.  I'm waiting.

Last time I checked, 100,000s if not millions of people
use Hotmail.  It's free & a good deal.  Also Tripod
is free.  What's wrong with taking advantage of good
deal?  Plus it's convenient.  When I travel from CA back
to MI and elsewhere I can use both Hotmail & Tripod at
an Internet cafe or library.  Convenient access & free.
If you two want to pay for these things, fine---go ahead.

MKR, aren't you always pushing the internet & free access?
Or is this just talk?

As I've explained far too many times---I'm working on
dissertation about WQ Judge with section on ULT.
Insult me all you want you will not deter me from
my study.

& JRC----exactly who in the hell are you?  JRC.  Yea,
that tells me alot.

Thanks MKR & JRC for your comments. This is as good
as Comedy Channel.


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