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Re: David Green's Critical History Page on Theosophy

Jun 07, 1999 10:01 AM
by JRC

> Well, John, you may be right on target.
> Of late when you find e-mail addresses with domains such as hotmail,
> etc -- which provide free e-mail addresses, people often use them to
> conceal their real identity. I have come across some e-commerce sites and
> other vendors do not deal with e-mail addresses with these domains due
> specifically to this problem.

Yep - and not only is his email address one of the free ones used by many to
conceal identity, but the website itself is on one of those servers that
gives you a website for free (the ""). While at first
glance he seemed worth serious attention, he now seems rather like a joke -
someone to have a bit of fun with. I've already got three or four people
that intend to put together, for a laugh, some "critical articles" - full of
a mixture of truth and falsehoods, but written in the tone of the profoundly
learned (which he seems to mistake for actual intelligence). They will, of
course, also use assumed names. So then - he gets to either check every
single fact in every single article he receives ... or he risks putting
things on his site that just make his "continuing study of the subject" look
even more ridiculous than it already does. I myself may even submit a
"Dictionary of DavidGreenese" (har har har har har), and publish it in HTML
on a site of my own! At any rate, he should provide
everyone with at least a little early summer fun. -JRC

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