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Re: David Green's Critical History Page on Theosophy

Jun 07, 1999 09:03 AM
by JRC

Well ...

> I've also added links to other skeptical, critical material on Helena
> Blavatsky, Charles Leadbeater & Alice Bailey.  If you know of other
> critiques of these theosophists & their claims, email the link address
> and I'll add to my index page.
> Comments are welcomed & solicited.  Also anyone in possession of other
> related material who is willing to have it published on my web site,
> contact me with details.

That's very interesting. Comment: Despite repeated queries, you have yet to
reveal who you are, what your motive is for seeking such "skeptical,
critical material" (while apparently not seeking material that would refute
it ... as an *objective* researcher would). We've had, on these lists over
the years, several (for instance) Christian fundamentalists who joined, not
to examine things, learn, or contribute, but rather solely to attempt to
trash Theosophy, and convert its members. You increasingly seem - with your
absolute refusal to identify yourself or your reasons, and now your overt
request for a clearly one-sided set of information - to be not a Theosophist
seeking objective information, not a member attempting to be critical with
the intent of improving either the Societies or the general knowledge, but
rather an outsider of some sort with seriously ulterior and purely negative
motives, attempting to use the Theosophy discussion list itself to hurt

I encourage anyone that feels like it to visit this fellow's site.
Predictably, his writing is poor - the strange and stilted prose of the
pseudo-intellectual - and the site is amateurish. Perhaps he *is*, however,
inadvertantly serving a purpose, in that its good to be reminded that there
are fanatics in the US, and other countries, that still believe Theosophy is
"evil" (in fact in some fundamentalist circles everything HPB did is called
lies, and she is named as the person most responsible for launching that
ultimate tool of Satan, the "New Age Movement" ...). -JRC

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