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Re: Future of Publishing?

Jun 02, 1999 01:53 PM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 6/2/99 1:06:53 PM Central Daylight Time, 

>  Borders just announced that they are going to offer on-demand printing of
>  books. This will in due course put an end to publishing as we know it. What
>  next? Printing books at home on your computer? Instant availability of
>  classics on Internet coupled with the writers bypassing the publishing
>  houses -- anyone can publish on Internet at almost very little cost -- the
>  power is going to shift from the publishing houses to individuals. It would
>  be interesting to see how many profitable publishing houses survive the
>  current revolution in communication.
>  mkr
Not quite, the new technology, such as FolioViews, allows electronic 
databases that are fully cross-indexed, where one can make several of one's 
own cross-indexes with bookmark-hyperlinks, where one can read variants in 
original sources, etc.etc. etc.
But the creation of a FolioView database takes immense work.  Publishing will 
probably survive the new technology in its current economic  form.  Its just 
some publishers will be caught unawares.  Grigor

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