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Wood's Book - Is this theosophy?

May 23, 1999 02:04 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 02:25 AM 5/23/1999 +0100, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote on ti-l:
>M K Ramadoss <> writes
>>The very rare book - Is this theosophy? by Ernest Wood is to be
>>republished in June 99 by Kessinger Publications. You can order it
>>directly from Kessinger Pub or from Barnes & Noble. Price $24.95.
>All truly theosophical truth-seekers should have this book.  I have a rare
>original copy (somewhat mutilated) which proved most enlightening.
>Wood was at one time secretary to C.W.Leadbeater, and wrote an
>excellent book on Yoga (published in the UK by Pelican [Penguin]
>Books, and another book on the Seven Rays, at CWL's suggestion.
>He left the Adyar TS after many years when Arundale became
>International President (a post for which he was also nominated at that

According to sources familiar with Wood, it appears that he resigned from
TS/TSA when he was living in the Houston, US. Some time later he rejoined.
After he rejoined, he wanted to travel and lecture around the USA. It also
appears that he was told that for him to be permitted to do so, he has to
publicly disown everything he wrote in his book ITT?  This seems to be a
plausible reason why he could not travel and lecture when he lived in
Houston. Obviously, the then organizational leaders did not like many
things he wrote in ITT and that may also be one of the reasons why you will
rarely see the book in thoeosphical libraries. BTW, it took me over three
decades of association with TS before I found out about the book. So I hope
the book is a blockbuster.


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