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Re: Ready for the next Virus

Apr 24, 1999 10:25 AM
by libidia

>                           New virus strikes Monday
>                           Data-destroying Chernobyl virus called
>                           worse than 'Melissa'
>                           April 23, 1999: 7:06 a.m. ET

Dear mkr,
Thanks for this onfo.  I was sceptical about all these virus warnings until
I followed the Melissa event.  We did upgrade our anit-virus software at
work and I have a good program on my home PC, but I think now I will take
the time to keep it upgraded with free download versions.   I'll forward
your message at work.

Is this computer virus outbreak similar to the violence in schools outbreak
do you think.  Young, intelligent people striking out at a society that
fails to meet their existential needs.

I interviewed a summer student yesterday and was taken aback by two
I'm old compared to the latest generation of amateur philsophers, and,
people still get manipulated into lifestyles and professions in conflict
with their personality, natural skills, needs and goals, by "well meaning"
parents and counsellors whose only concern is material security and success.
Just like me and my kids.

I have been listening to the lunch time conversations about the school
violence and the general consensus is that "some people are born bad", and,
"these people must be punished because they must learn society's rules which
are set up for the safety of the whole and keep them whatever it takes."
Judaism is alive and strong still!  You'd think we were still bloody sheep
and camel herders living in a harsh tribal environment according to people's
reactions.  So, maybe under all this civilization and technology, the heart
never left the desert for most people :-)

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