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NEW: David Green's Critical History Page on Theosophy

Apr 16, 1999 06:38 AM
by David Green

David Green's Critical History Page on Theosophy

This is my new web page which gives full access to my other web pages 
on Robert Crosbie, William Judge & Katherine Tingley. This web page 
will list all *future updates* on my continuing study of the subject.

I've also added links to other skeptical, critical material on Helena 
Blavatsky, Charles Leadbeater & Alice Bailey.  If you know of other 
critiques of these theosophists & their claims, email the link address 
and I'll add to my index page.

Much more to come in the weeks ahead. Including never before published 

Comments are welcomed & solicited.  Also anyone in possession of other 
related material who is willing to have it published on my web site, 
contact me with details.

David Green

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