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RE: Theos-World Meditation Without a Seed =

Apr 13, 1999 11:07 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Jerry:

Thanks for the view you give of your experiences -- I can
understand what you mean now.

However I would observe that from this "waking plane"  -- "Jagrat
consciousness" -- in which we are "conscious" and able to
communicate as we are, our imagery and allegories, and also our
logic seems to be tied down to the experiences we are
remembering -- however faulty or incomplete they may be -- of
what we have seen or felt or thought on this plane or on others
(there is some haziness as time passes as to what was experiences
in thinking 'here and now' or perhaps on some other 'plane.'

I wonder if you would allow me to put before you a number of
questions that I asked my self some years ago ?

See what you think of them, and let me know.



Some thoughts


1.	Unity of all.

	1.	What is ALL ?

	2.	What does unity imply ?

	3.	Is the "ALL"  in or out of "manifestation ?"

	4.	Is non-manifestation "Reality" ?

	5.	Why and how does "manifestation start ?"

	6.	What are the ideal components of manifestation ?

	7.	Who or what is benefited by manifestation ?


2.	Law pervades all things.

	1.	Does Law imply motion ?

	2.	What beings fall under the sway of Law ?

	3.	What is a "being ?"

	4.  	 What does Law produce when it operates ?

	5.	Does Law always operate ?

	6.	Who observes Law in operation ?

	7.	If there is motion, then something has to be stable in order
to observe it.  What is 				that Observer ?

	8.	How is a "Law" started ?

	9.	Where does energy come from ?

	10.	What laws operate to aggregate a form ?

	11.	Why does intelligence (or consciousness) require a
form ?

3. Evolution is continuous.

		All beings are Intelligent.  Wisdom is the product of

		Manifestation provides the stage for experience.


	1.	If there are consecutive periods of sleep and activity, Who
or What is
			aware of those ?

	2.	What is Intelligence ?  In Man,  Nature,  any being.

	3.	What is a Being, or an entity ?

	4.	Is there "independence ?"

	5,	What is Knowledge ?  Does it differ from Wisdom ?

	6. 	If manifestation is only a "stage," then what happens
at a time of non-manifestation ?

	7.	Is death comparable or analogous to non-manifestation?

	8.	Does anything survive Death.  What "dies" ?

	9.	How is a Body produced and what is it made of ?

	10.	What happens at death to the personal intelligence ?

	11.	What happens to the individual intelligence of the
atomic and molecular components of the body ?

	12.	Is there a relation between "Soul," and "Mind?"

	13.	What evidence is there of reincarnation ?

	14.	Are the "life-atoms" that are aggregated to form a
body intelligent ?  If so, how ?

	15.	Do the life-atoms benefit from the incarnation of a
"mind ?"

	16.	What is the nature of a "Monad" ?

4.	All beings are said to be "intelligent" -- from the "atom" to
the "Universe."


	1.	We are an intelligence, a "person."

	2.	We live and use a body.  The body changes and repairs

	3.	We do not participate actively in every function of the body.

	4.	The body has its own intricate and cooperative functions
which serve
			to keep it functional, and repair it when injured.

	5.	The body communicates with us through feeling: hunger,
tiredness, loneliness,
			ill-health, or,  contentment, pleasure, fancy, hope, etc...

	6.	The Intelligence in the body is aware of our superior
decision and controlling 				power.  It seeks to maintain its
optimum integrity.  It "calls for help" when it 			reaches the
limit to which it can 	sustain itself in comfort.

	7.	The Intelligence that makes for a Man is different and
superior in power to the 				body's intelligence.

	8.	Together they form a cooperative.  When the cooperative is
disrupted there is
			fatigue, confusion, despair, etc...

	9.	What distinguishes the intelligence of the "Man" from that of
the body he lives in 				and uses ?

	10.	What is "will,"  "determination," volition, desire, ?

	11.	What are "feelings,"  desires,  passions,  needs,
wants ?  What is "dispassion,"  desirelessness ?

	13.	What is the nature and the accurate meaning of:  "thought,"
reasoning, 					ratiocination, concentration,  meditation,
cerebration, logic ?

	14.	What is correct understanding (or "cognition"),
misconception, fancy, sleep, 				memory ?

	15.	What is perception, inference, testimony ?

	16.	What is "erroneous notion" ?

	17.	Where is memory preserved ?

	18.	What is the distinction between passion / dispassion?

	19.	How do we assure ourselves of the accuracy of any memory ?

	20.	Are the desires, feelings and passions different and
separable from thought,
			and a sense of "I"-ness ?

	21.	What in our panorama of faculties uses argument,
deliberation ?

	22.	What in us knows the difference between Egoism and Egotism

	23.	What does a desire for ease, happiness, pleasure, lack of
worry, calm, 					contentment, amusement, distraction imply ?
What in us has these 				feelings ?

	24.	Can our feelings and desires influence the mind ?

	25.	How can the mind become dispassionate ?  What is discernment
			Is memory invoked in being discerning ?  How do we assure
			 that this memory is accurate ?

	26.	How is the mind held steady on a single chosen item which it
desires to consider ?  			Is this intentness ?

I'm going to stop here -- as this is about half my list.  I wrote
these down some 10 years ago and have tried to answer some in the
interim through study, but I thought you might be interested.

As you have written several books and always consider the flow of
thought you may have considered some answers to these also.


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