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Apr 01, 1999 05:22 PM
by M K Ramadoss

In the Theosophy World #34, April 1, 1999, just released there is an
extract from a lecture by G de Purucker which was published in
THEOSOPHICAL FORUM, May 15, 1930, pages 14-17. Consists of

extracts from Lecture Number 39 on QUESTIONS WE ALL ASK, delivered in the
Temple of Peace, Point Loma, California, March 1930 titled REGARDING

In the lecture Purucker says:

<paraindent><param>left,out,out</param>"I pity this Hindu youth, Mr.
Krishnamurti; for, however sincere

</paraindent><paraindent><param>left,out</param>he may be, to my mind he
shows a lack of reflective wisdom and a

lack of knowledge of essential human nature. In disbanding the

trusting hearts who look to him for comfort and help, as I

understand is the case, I cannot feel that he is following the

ideal embodied in The Theosophical Society, established by the

Masters of Wisdom as a nucleus of universal brotherhood, and as

an organization energized and with a desire to help mankind."



It is an interesting exercise to review Krishamurti's stand and the above
statement after almost seven decades. Since making the radical statement
"Truth is a Pathless Land" in 1929, Krishnamurti has spoken extensively
on various issues.

I think that instead of creating and nurturing a nucleus of universal
brotherhood, K has tried to expand it to make it beyond a nucleus. He has
spoken repeatedly how artificial lines demarking human beings based on
nationality, language, color, religious and other beliefs has caused
immense human suffering and has encouraged each human being to look at
them objectively and once understood, wanted each of us to do something
about it. He seems to have had effect on a lot of people. The full impact
may not be fully measured for another 100 years; of course most of us
would not be here then.

On the issue of Masters, Krishnamurti who grew up in Adyar and hence
clearly understood what has been done with the concept of Masters. I
think what he has tried to do is to indirectly show the folly of many who
have brought the Masters down to our level or our concept. 

I have seen many ardent members who are very sincere and loving and
helpful nature have replaced their favorite Gods with that of a Master.
They pray to them every morning for the well their being and pray to them
when they are in trouble hoping they will help to deal with our petty
problems and petty pains. Of course each one of us can do almost anything
we want in this free world.

Others view them as spiritual consultants -- consultants in real life
diagnose problems and suggest solutions and it is your job to accept and
implement with no guarantees of results. In this scenario, all one needs
is to listen to their msg and just blindly follow in the belief that it
would yield the desired results.

So I think that the approach K has taken is very  practical and is meant
to spur each one of us who is serious to think and act now for the well
being of the Humanity without either waiting to get an order from any
higher being now or wait till we hope to be reborn in the next root race
etc. or hold our actions worrying about our lack of knowledge -- occult
or otherwise

I think the K has done a lot to further the welfare of humanity by
touching the hearts of many, thus spurring them now to action directed to
human welfare.


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