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RE: Theos-World Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #801

Mar 30, 1999 04:23 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Mar 30th

Dear Mika:

No I do not think that Tson-ka-pa used our calendar.  But
whatever calendar he used when translated into the calendar that
we use puts this 25 years of effort into the "last quarter of the
century" according to our Julian calendar.

I am familiar with several calendars which work on different
cycles than our Julian calendar, such as the Jewish (Kabalistic),
the Arabic (Koranic), the Irani (Zoroastrian), and the Hindu
(Vikram Samvat).  Most of them are based on a longer cycle than
he arbitrary one which we currently use all over the world.  I
believe that the Chinese and the Japanese have their own
traditional and ancient calendars.  And in Central America the
Mayas, Toltecs, etc., and in So. America, the Incan, had theirs.
Once that a specific astronomical date is established, by an
eclipse or some other well known astronomical event the relation
is easy.

In the Secret Doctrine, Vol 1, beginning page 647, HPB writes on
the question of the Zodiacal clock and the way in which cycles
are recorded and used.  This section continues up to p. 668 and
is very interesting.

Best wishes to you,



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> Dear Mika:
> This cycle is keyed to our present calendar used every day and
> not to any other.

Did Tsong-Kha-Pa use our calendar too?
Buddhists have their own calendar and their 'las quarter of the
century' does not much with ours, right?
Bear me if I ask silly questions.
And yes, you may send me your 'attachment'.
Thank you.


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