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Papa Virus - Like Melissa *********alert***********

Mar 29, 1999 05:23 PM
by M K Ramadoss


Here is the virus update.


 Network Associates has
discovered an e-mail virus similar to
the Melissa virus that company
officials said they believe is even
more dangerous than its

Dubbed Papa, the new virus is an
Excel virus that sends itself in the
same manner as Melissa, but sends
itself to the first 60 people in a user's
address book compared to 50 with
Melissa. In addition, Papa sends an
e-mail out every time the virus is
activated. Melissa only sends the
message the first time it is opened. 

This time the subject line claims the
message is from " and Fred Cohen." The body of the e-mail, which
contains an attached document titled "path.xls," then instructs the user
not to
disable the macros, which is how the virus is activated. 

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