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Re: ===Re: teaching? morals? ethics?

Mar 05, 1999 09:51 AM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 3/5/99 10:19:53 AM Central Standard Time,

<< The *hint* that one has secret information of some sort has long been used
 by people with god complexes to elevate their own self-importance, and to
 control people they've brought into their organization. The further hint
 that *theosophists* somehow need to be "careful" about who they give their
 precious "knowledge" to would be an enormous joke, if that thought wasn't so
 widespread, and wasn't doing so much to *ruin* modern theosophy.
I say theosophy can't be ruined even if Theosophical Society can be.  And idea
that TS is about secrets is extremely funny.  Moreover, I make another
observation.  Silly boobs that are into the hocus pocus of "hinted" secrets
can't keep even their pseudo-secrets, even if they wanted to.  First of all,
they inadvertently give themselves away all the time.  Who they are isn't even
a secret.  They are the incapable.  They are the needy moved by the forces of
the environment playing on their neediness.  Given right conditions, one can
make them geek.  They have no inner force, no character, and no inner moral
strength.  They are puppets.  Their sense of identity, to the extent it is
something other than their neediness (which is what they don't want to be and
thus it is not part of their false sense of identity they like to see
themselves to be) is merely the inner effects of the external social lottery
of ever shifting statuses and roles and petty slights and social hurts.  As
such, they are more internalized effects of outer causes than self initiated
causes.  They are not powers but the effects of powers.  Thus, they are
powerless to truly possess "secrets" as being secret on their own without
environmental forces permitting it.  If circumstances change, they have no
power to do anything but tell their "empty secrets."  Further, since their
neediness is to be perceived by others or recognized as "special," their
neediness compells them have to "hint."  No "hint," no lure to win the
recognition their neediness needs.  As Buddhists say they are the shades
enslaved by their own tanha.


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