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Re: teaching? morals? ethics?

Mar 05, 1999 09:13 AM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 3/5/99 7:21:27 AM Central Standard Time,

 Exactly right. Its the height of arrogance to think that the ES possesses
 anything other than the published writings of HPB. The continual babbling
 about "secrets" that seems to fill occult circles looks increasingly
 ridiculous in this day and age. My own opinion is that there *are* no
 "secrets" that can be written down. The "hidden knowledge" can't just be
 written down for the "ethically corrupt" to steal and misuse. A person needs
 to have arrived at some level of interior development before a "secret"
 would even make any sense.  >>

I say exactly right also.  Real secrets are not information but realizations.
Lots of people with big inferiority complex are running around looking for
ways to feel extra-special in newer and fancier garb that is refined version
of what one teenager told me a "high school click" is.  So, secret that can be
written down or given or not given to someone was invented as chip in vanity
and control game.  Game's purpose is to have way to feel more special than
another in order to overcome and compensate for profound inner sense of not
being special.  Such is the sad pathlogy of  pseudo-occultists, both the so-
called students and so-called teachers in a mutual bond of hype masking co-
dependency.  Tis nothing but initiation into deluded program of self-esteem
crisis management through co-dependently playing to each other's vanity.  Tis
initiation into deeper pathology with oak-leaf clusters and comes with your
choice of a secret kabalah decoder ring or a glow in dark picture of master
with luminous eyes that is also excellent sacred night light.

Grigor Ananikian

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