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Re: theos-l digest: February 19, 1999 Why do we seem to repel others by our ...

Feb 22, 1999 05:34 AM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 2/20/99 7:55:04 AM Central Standard Time,

<< The desire to teach is sometimes presented over-enthusiastically.
 We all have it as a soul urging to express what we feel to be
 true.  Sometimes our wish to help can overwhelm both us and
 others.  >>

Sorry but this seems like inaccurate statement.  It seems like half apology
and half self-justification wrapped up in Theosophical cosmic flag.  Salute!
More honestly, such desire to "teach" most often subtle egoism.  Base of
egoism is not greed or selfishness.  It is need to be cosmic center of things,
the meaning of it all, and most valuable "see me," "see me," and "pay
attention to me."  It is need for "guru of the millenium award with oak leaf
clusters," a new Masonic degree invented in one's honor, and a limo or two
driven.  Unfortunately, humans in this age so exposed to bullcrap, they have
heightened sense of smell for what should repel them in others but not in
self.  As HPB put it, practical Theosophy is super-ethics for those able to
take on rigors of esoteric section.  And one of first steps to self-knowledge
is self honesty or sincerity with oneself.  Or is to develop sense of smell
for one's own bullcrap.  Maya most powerful when about one's illusions about

Just a thought.


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