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Next Millenium

Feb 12, 1999 02:03 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Finally the Lyris Server is up and running and Bill Clinton's impeachment
also ended.

As we approach the end of this century and go into the next century, can we
look into the future. What is in store for theosophy - Divine Wisdom? As
the improvement of the conditions of the suffering Humanity is all
important -- even from a "selfish" point of view all of us have our own
suffering/problems -- as we are part the Humanity, the question is what can
we do?

It is nice to talk and have intellectual discussions about the manvantaras,
globes, chains, root-races, future races, higher planes, chakras,
clairvoyance, meditation, "the Path" etc., to the man/woman in the street
who is in the middle of his problems, all these are simple theories and is
not of interest. Is it possible to do something that would "help" the

If all the knowledge the theosophy has presented cannot translate into
practical applications which have immediate impact, theosophy may become
just another set of theories which some may choose to "believe", until
again another messenger comes along makes an entirely new effort to
re-present it.

Any thoughts?


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