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RE: theos-l digest: January 31, 1999 Soul and incarnation

Feb 01, 1999 04:02 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Feb 1st


Theosophical doctrines state that all forms have a psychic and a
spiritual counterpart which energizes them and the Spiritual
gives life and perception, the psychic gives sensitivity and
limits to the form.

Spirit and mental side of the psychic are the immortal parts of
each of us, as humans.  [ Psychic is a triad as it is the meeting
point of intuition on one side and instinct on the other, both
being monitored by the mind as an independent faculty - brain is
only a tool. ]

Mortal parts of man's make up is body, astral electro-magnetic
form (a lattice work on which the physical molecules, cells,
etc...arrange themselves, and the seat of instinct desire,
passion and impulse, which in mankind is regulated by the mind
and the intuitive sense of LAW all working together.  Do have a
look at the KEY TO THEOSOPHY to disentangle what I write for
brevity.  It is all there.

Brief incarnation of a child is a disappointment to the immortal
Ego/soul.  It occurs under Karma, and also may bring pain to
parents.  Why ?  In each case there are different causes which
spring from past lives, as the 3 Egos, Father, Mother and child
meet closely so that a new baby is born.  Pain usually drives
those who feel it to inquire into the reason for it.

If we are responsible the answer is one thing.  (and we seek for
causes and answers and the sequence of events that lead up to the
death, pain and questioning.)  If we feel we are irresponsible,
and the victims of an incomprehensibly cruel "God" or "Demon" it
is another.  (we refuse to ask further and place our faith on the
priests of whatever religion we trust.)   The question is which ?
Saying it is only Nature's way and we cannot inquire is not a
helpful answer either.  (why is it that science and psychology
provide us with partial and disjointed answers ?)  How can these
facts be consolidated ?  Where do we start ?

Don't know how else to say it.  Much detail is left out, as the
basic concepts of Immortality and the operation of Karmic law
have to be seen here.  (if we are going to try to explain
evolution as a total experience, which includes occasional infant

Hope this helps somewhat



It might help if we establish three comparative columns

1. What does Religion say and what are the explanations offered

2. What does Science say  --  ditto  -

3. What does Theosophy offer  --  ditto  --

In this way we can gradually assemble information for finding out
what works best in gaining an understanding of the reason for
such a tragedy.

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