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Re: theos-l digest: January 31, 1999

Jan 31, 1999 10:15 PM
by kymsmith

Dear Dallas,

Usually, I just write "Dallas wrote" but I feel guilty because you address
the posts directly to the person to whom you are answering, even preceding
their name with a "dear."  So, since I hate feeling guilty. . .see above.

>Quack - quack !  Sorry not India (though I lived there 30
>ago for 35 years) - I am now in California (where I was born).

It's a good thing I didn't bet my life on that - I would have sworn you
were in India.  I too was born in California, spent most of my life there
and somehow, somewhere I did something really, really bad, because I now
find myself in Idaho - a place where one's patience is truly tested.

>As to my being funny in bird language - well I can't help that
>impression, but, to me I am quite serious, and try to present an
>augmented dimension of consideration based on what I have learned
>from Theosophy.

Yes, Dallas, I know you are serious; we just disagree frequently.  And
since I know it all and am perfect, anyone who disagrees with me is "quacky."

Again I say "Life.  Who knew?"


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