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RE: Theos-World Re: PATANJALI and MEDITATION, etc., practices -- Do we know the effects potentially ?

Dec 05, 1998 12:12 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 5th 1998

Dallas offers:

It is most probable that HPB refrained from speaking of
"practices" of various kinds (other than study and meditation on
the metaphysics that theosophy clears up) because we do not have
the necessary knowledge or philosophical and data background to
understand the implications and ramifications of trying those

In fact, as I read it, she seems to lump all "practices" under
the heading of "Psychism" which she heartily discourages again
and again.  In view of the vast separation between physical
results and spiritual attainments, how can we hope by physical
postures, exercises, the inattentive focussing of the will (what
is that ?) on "chakras" whose power and force on planes other
than the physical are only vaguely described, will be of ultimate
bane or benefit to us.

To begin with the "chakras" are not physically located at all,
but only psychically, astrally, pranically and metaphysically.
So the books and teachings given are inaccurate.  They are
published and taught so that the "gurus" or "swamis" can earn
wealth.  They do not benefit students.  Ask yourselves if you
have any serious and well studied record of any one or a group
that has actually benefited or mastered the use of these
practices - or even attained some modicum of "power."

She (HPB) states that she hoped that Theosophy would encourage a
change in the "Manas" and the "Buddhi" of the 'race.'  It starts
with the mind, with thought, with a grasp of the "Fundamental
propositions" of the SD (Vol. 1 pp 14-19)- with the study of THE
KEY TO THEOSOPHY so that we get some idea of what the inner man
is and what it can do.

As I understand this, she implies that we have enough Kama
(desires and passions) to confuse us, and what we need is an
addition of study (Manas) meditation and thought - and for this
reason she displays a vast amount of metaphysical facts culled
from antiquity in the ancient Theosophical system - and those
form the opening training for disciples and students of real
occultism - not for those who desire personal powers to be used
without care for results - as most do nowadays.  I still say that
the "moral" aspect of karma and of Theosophy has to be well
grasped if we are going to make and real and true long-lasting

What constantly amazes me is the willingness for people to take a
"leap of faith" into the metaphysical and psychic chasms and
abyss without preparation - for "excitement's sake ?

We have Theosophy as a base for our progress - what keeps us from
studying and learning about it?

Excuse all this, but this is what I think we ought to consider,
each of us,

Best wishes



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