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Kamamudra = Kundalini = Will == Motive

Dec 05, 1998 02:18 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 4th 1998

Dallas offers:

In several postings I notice questions flying back and forth
concerning tantrika instructions and in particular those
concerned with Kamamudra, Kundalini, Meditation ( and its
effects) and I wonder that (what seems to me) to be the basic
idea behind these considerations does not seem to ring out clear.
To me it is MOTIVE.

Why are these things done or investigated ?  Curiosity, the
search for personal power or domination ?  And, if there is some
knowledge attained, what then ?  What does the attainment of
information or of some "power" (?) confer ?

If this is for the general good of humanity, Theosophy states
that they unfold naturally.

A study of Buddhism, Lamaism, Tantrikaism, etc... provide what as
a conclusion?

If "meditation" is pursued that induces physical pain it is clear
that this is undesirable.  Are we quite sure that what we call
mediation is really so ?  Why is it pursued ?  Is Patanjali
studied and grasped first ?  If not, then there are going to be
tremendous troubles.

Another fact that is plain and that if the focus of attention is
on some sensation, or physical result that has to do with a
selfish purpose it is self-limiting.  First one must grasp the
general laws of Nature, and then progress may be achieved if the
desire is made unselfish.

Both the DHAMMAPADA (the Footfalls of the Law) by Gautama Buddha,
and the VOICE OF THE SILENCE from the Book of Dzyan ought to be
studied and understood - then applied.

This is as I understand true progress can be made.  We have to
realize the essential Unity of All and cease behaving as though
all beings were "different" or at "war" with each other for some
individual advantage.  That is not true,  The Universe and our
World do not run under those sole conditions.  Nature is innately
constructive and cooperative. The law of Brotherhood prevails,
distorted though our motives and actions may be individually.

I wish this could be seen my all as a basic fact:  None of us
would be able to live for an instant if Nature were to turn
against us, and behave as we try to behave to others.




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