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November & December 1998 Issues of THE HIGH COUNTRY THEOSOPHIST

Dec 11, 1998 07:49 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

The November and December 1998 issues of THE HIGH COUNTRY
THEOSOPHIST, edited by Dick Slusser, are online and
available at:

HCT files carry the extension .PDF (Portable Document File)
readable with the Adobe Acrobat reader. It is available free at:

The www homepage is:

The November issue features:

    The Art of Magic
    SECRET DOCTRINE Questions & Answers
    Who Am I?
    Four States of Consciousess
    Hopi Mythology Emergence
    Evolution of Fourth Kingdom

And the December issue features:

    Knowledge: Absolute/Relative
    SECRET DOCTRINE Questions & Answers
    Ethics: For Wimps/
    Plenty Report
    Editor's Note
    Geoffrey Farthing, Letter
    Rules of Conduct

-- Eldon Tucker


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