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Re: theos-l digest: December 14, 1998

Dec 15, 1998 05:10 AM
by M K Ramadoss

A good question.

Internet technology offers an outstanding opportunity to make theosophy
available to the world. This opportunity is unparalleled to the leaps in
technology in the past. While most of the theosophical classics are no
longer under copyright restrictions, Internet offers an opportunity for
theosophists to write and publish on Internet and make some money to keep
them alive. On the other hand, publications also are not subject to any
editorial censorship or editing which are ofter biased. So the authors are
able to communicate directly with their readers. From a reader standpoint,
the publications can be accessed at a very low cost and the low cost itself
is likely to spur people to take the risk of spending a little money and
see what the contents of the publication are. Also in many former east
european countries, computer access is available while they cannot afford
to buy books at the current prices.

This is the reasoning that made me make the connection.

Hope this helps.


At 06:33 AM 12/15/1998 EST, you wrote:
>Nice sentiment, but isn't Music Distribution as a theosophical topic a bit of
>a stretch?


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