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Dec 19, 1998 01:54 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 20th

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> A Long Journey for the Man-Sun
> "...the Monad had passed through, journeyed and been imprisoned
> in, every transitional form throughout every kingdom of nature
> during the three preceding Rounds.  But the monad which becomes
> human is not the Man.  In this Round-with the exception of the
> highest mammals after man, the anthropoids destined to die out in
> this our race, when their monads will be liberated and pass into
> the astral human forms (or the highest elementals) of the Sixth *
> and the Seventh Races, and then into lowest human forms in the
> fifth Round-no units of either of the kingdoms are animated any
> longer by monads destined to become human in their next stage,
> but only by the lower Elementals of their respective realms. **
> * Nature never repeats herself, therefore the anthropoids of our
> day have not existed at any time since the middle of the Miocene
> period;  when, like all cross breeds, they began to show a
> tendency, more and more marked as time went on, to return to the
> type of their first parent, the black and yellow gigantic
> Lemuro-Atlanteans.  To search for the "Missing-Link" is
> useless..."			SD  I 184fn
> 	**	"These "Elementals" will become human Monads, in their turn,
> only at the next great planetary Manvantara."		SD  I  184
> 		Source of the Spirit in Man		(Atma-Buddhi-Manas)
> "...The Host of Dhyanis, whose turn it was to incarnate as the
> Egos of the immortal, but, on this plane, senseless monads-that
> some "obeyed" (the law of evolution) immediately when the men of
> the 3rd Race became physiologically and physically ready, i.e.,
> when they had separated into sexes.  These were those early
> conscious Beings who, now adding conscious knowledge and will to
> their inherent Divine purity, created by Kriyasakti the
> semi-Divine man, who became the seed on earth for future adepts.
> Those, on the other hand, who, jealous of their intellectual
> freedom  (unfettered as it then was by the bonds of matter),
> said:--"We can choose...we have wisdom,"...and incarnated far
> later-these had their first Karmic punishment prepared for them.
> They got bodies (physiologically) inferior to their astral
> models, because their chhayas had belonged to progenitors of an
> inferior degree in the 7 classes.  As to those "Sons of Wisdom"
> who had "deferred" their incarnation till the 4th Race, which was
> already tainted (physiologically) with sin and impurity, they
> produced a terrible cause, the Karmic result of which weighs on
> them to this day...the bodies they had to inform had become
> defiled through their own procrastination...This was the "Fall of
> the angels," because of their rebellion against Karmic Law.  The
> "fall of man" was no fall, for he was irresponsible..."						SD
> II 228
> "...commentaries on the Puranas in general, and in the Book of
> Dzyan-especially...[imply ] a spiritual and divine nature of man
> independent of his physical body in this illusionary world, in
> which the false personality and its cerebral basis alone is known
> to orthodox psychology...
> " was on Earth in this Round from the beginning.
> "Having passed through all the kingdoms of nature in the previous
> three Rounds, *  his physical frame-one adapted to the thermal
> conditions of those early periods-was ready to receive the divine
> Pilgrim at the dawn of human life, i.e., 18,000,000 years ago.
> It is only at the mid-point of the 3rd Root Race that man was
> endowed with Manas. Once united, the two and then the three made
> one;  for though the lower animals, from the amoeba to man,
> received their monads, in which all the higher qualities are
> potential, all have to remain dormant till each reaches its human
> form before which stage manas (mind) has no development in them.
> **  In the animals every principle is paralyzed, and in a
> fetus-like state save the second (vital) and the third ( the
> astral), and the rudiments of the fourth (Kama, which is desire,
> instinct) whose intensity and development varies and changes with
> the species...this theory...will finally lead to the recognition
> of a Universal Deity in nature, ever-present and as ever
> invisible, and unknowable, and of intra-Cosmic gods, who all were
> men."
> SD II 154-5
> * "Follow the law of analogy"-the Masters teach.  Atma-Buddhi is
> dual and Manas is triple;  inasmuch as the former has two aspects
> and the latter three, i.e., as a principle per se, which
> gravitates, in its higher aspect to Atma-Buddhi, and follows, in
> its lower nature, Kama, the seat of terrestrial and animal
> desires and passions.  Now compare the evolution of the Races,
> the First and the Second of which are of the nature of
> Atma-Buddhi, their passive Spiritual progeny, and the Third
> Root-Race shows three distinct divisions or aspects
> physiologically and psychically;  the earliest, sinless;  the
> middle portions awakening to intelligence;  and the third and
> last decidedly animal:  i.e., Manas succumbs to the temptations
> of Kama."		SD II 254-5fn
> 	**	"Men are made complete only during their third, toward the
> fourth cycle (race).  They are made "gods" for good and evil, and
> responsible only when the two arcs meet (after the 3 1/2 rounds
> towards the fifth Race).  They are made so by the Nirmanakaya
> (spiritual or astral remains) of the Rudra-Kumaras, "cursed to be
> reborn on earth again;  meaning-doomed in their natural turn to
> reincarnation in the higher ascending arc of the terrestrial
> cycle."	     SD II 254-255fn
> "...the Monads have passed through all these forms of being up
> to man, on every planet [globe], in the Three preceding
> Rounds..."		SD II 256
> " is of course an absurdity to talk of the "development" of
> a Monad, or to say that it becomes "Man."...a Monad cannot either
> progress or develop, or even be affected by the changes of states
> it passes through.  It is not of this world or plane, and may be
> compared only to an indestructible star of divine light and fire,
> thrown down on to our Earth as a plank of salvation for the
> personalities in which it indwells.  It is for the latter to
> cling to it;  and thus partaking of its divine nature, obtain
> immortality.  Left to itself the Monad will cling to no one; but,
> like the "plank," will be drifted away to another incarnation by
> the unresting current of evolution."
> SD  I  174-5 fn
> The Sun of Mind-Intelligence Induced in Man's "Spark."
> "...divine man dwelt in his animal-though externally human-form;
> and, if there was instinct in him, no self-consciousness came to
> enlighten the darkness of the latent 5th principle [Manas].  When
> moved by the law of Evolution, the Lords of Wisdom infused into
> him the spark of consciousness, the first feeling it awoke to
> life and activity was a sense of solidarity, of one-ness with his
> spiritual creators.  As the child's first feeling is for its
> mother and nurse, so the first aspirations of the awakening
> consciousness in primitive man were for those whose element he
> felt within himself, and who yet were outside, and independent of
> him.  Devotion arose out of that feeling, and became the first
> and foremost motor in his nature; for it is the only one which is
> natural in our heart, which is innate in us, and which we find
> alike in human babe and the young of the animal.  This feeling of
> irrepressible, instinctive aspiration in primitive man ...(211)
> It lives undeniably, and has settled in all its ineradicable
> strength and power in the Asiatic Aryan heart from the 3rd Race
> direct through it first "mind-born" sons,--the fruits of
> Kriyasakti.  As time rolled on the holy caste of Initiates
> produced but rarely, and from age to age, such perfect creatures:
> beings apart, inwardly, though the same as those who produced
> them, outwardly...the 3rd primitive race...was called into being,
> a ready and perfect vehicle for the incarnating denizens of
> higher spheres, who took forthwith their abodes in these forms
> born of Spiritual Will and the natural divine power in man.  Its
> physical frame alone was of time and of life, as it drew its
> intelligence direct from above.  It was the living tree of divine
> wisdom;  and may therefore be likened to the Mundane Tree of the
> Norse Legend, which cannot wither and die until the last battle
> of life shall be fought, and while its roots are gnawed all the
> time by the dragon Niddhogg;  for even so, the first and holy son
> of Kriyasakti had his body gnawed by the tooth of time, but the
> roots of his inner being remained for ever undecaying and strong,
> because they grew and expanded in heaven not on earth.  He was
> the first of the FIRST, and he was the seed of all the others.
> There were other "Sons of Kriyasakti" produced by a second
> spiritual effort, but the first one has remained to this day the
> Seed of divine Knowledge, the One and the Supreme among the
> terrestrial "Sons of Wisdom."
> SD I 210-211
> What of our Future as Sun-Men ?
> "Our 4th Round Humanity has its one grand cycle, and so have her
> races and sub-races.  The "curious rush" is due to the double
> effect of the former-the beginning of its downward course;--and
> of the latter (the small cycle of your "sub-race") running on to
> its belong to the 5th Race, yet you are but a Western
> sub-race.  Notwithstanding your efforts, what you call
> civilization is confined only to the latter and its off-shoots in
> America.  Radiating around, its deceptive light may seem to throw
> its rays on a greater distance than it does on reality.-There is
> no "rush" in China, and of Japan you make but a caricature...What
> do you know of America, for instance, before the invasion of that
> country by the Spaniards?  Less than 2 centuries prior to the
> arrival of Cortez there was as great a "rush" towards progress
> among the sub-races of Peru and Mexico as there is now in Europe
> and the U.S.A.  Their sub-race ended in nearly total annihilation
> through causes generated by itself;  so will yours at the end of
> its cycle...We may speak of the "stagnant condition" into which,
> following the law of development, growth, maturity and decline
> every race and sub-race falls into during its transition period.
> It is the latter condition your Universal History is acquainted
> with, while it remains superbly ignorant of the condition even
> India was in, some 10 centuries back.  Your sub-races are now
> running towards the apex of their respective cycles, and that
> History goes no further back than the periods of decline of a few
> other sub-races belonging most of them to the preceding 4th
> Race...a few, miserable dozens of centuries...Beyond-all is
> darkness for it, nothing but hypotheses."
> M L 149-50
> "At each Round there are less and less animals-the latter
> evoluting into higher forms.  During the first Round it is they
> that were the "kings of creation."  During the 7th men will have
> become Gods and animals-intelligent beings.  Draw your
> inference.  Beginning with the second round, already evolution
> proceeds on quite a different plan.  Everything is evolved and
> has but to proceed on its cyclic journey and get perfected.  It
> is only the first Round that man becomes from a human being on
> Globe B, a mineral, a plant an animal on Planet C.  The method
> changes entirely from the second Round..."		M L 177-8

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