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Krishnamurti on CWL's Clairvoyance

Dec 29, 1998 05:25 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is an interesting excerpt from a conversation between Gonzalez and
K's comment on CWL is to be noted.

> I said, "I worry the schools are going to become elitist and that
> only the wealthy will be able to send their children to them."
> Krishnamurti said: "We have to work with what we have and we have
> to talk with the words we have. I was born in a very poor home and
> some of my brothers died from tuberculosis or malnutrition. But
> look at me! I'm doing very well, huh?"
> I said, "you were lucky you had teachers like Leadbeater who was
> even clairvoyant."
> Krishnamurti said, "Yes, I was very lucky. Leadbeater was
> temporarily clairvoyant, and I was lucky that everything he said
> entered through my right ear and left through the left."


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