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The Supreme Court, Fudge and Karma

Dec 31, 1998 06:54 PM
by Murray Stentiford

Responding to Kym and Dallas.

First, Dallas gave us a quote from the SD which I'll requote to include the
end, trimmed somewhat:

>"...The Host of Dhyanis, whose turn it was to incarnate as the
>Egos of the immortal, but, on this plane, senseless monads ....
>some "obeyed" (the law of evolution) immediately .... These were
>those early conscious Beings who, .... became the seed on earth for
>future adepts. Those, on the other hand, who, jealous of their
>intellectual freedom  (unfettered as it then was by the bonds of
>matter), said:--"We can choose...we have wisdom,"...and incarnated
>far later--these had their first Karmic punishment prepared for them.
>They got bodies (physiologically) inferior to their astral
>models, because their chhayas had belonged to progenitors of an
>inferior degree in the 7 classes.  As to those "Sons of Wisdom"
>who had "deferred" their incarnation till the 4th Race, which was
>already tainted (physiologically) with sin and impurity, they
>produced a terrible cause, the Karmic result of which weighs on
>them to this day...the bodies they had to inform had become
>defiled through their own procrastination...This was the "Fall of
>the angels," .....			SD  II 228

Then Kym wrote:

>Ok, so, "God" offers a thing called 'free will,' but doesn't really seem to
>want beings to take up the offer.  Now, "God" certainly KNOWS that to some
>beings, this 'free will' thing, this "CHOICE" thing, is going to be akin to
>waving a big honking chunk of the smoothest, creamiest, richest,
>tongue-waggin-est, darkest chocolate fudge ever made smack in the beaming
>and drooling face of a chocoholic. . .hmmmm, sounds like entrapment to me.

A revealing statement .... .  Kym, are you sure you have your life under

Only a little more seriously, I admit that my first reaction to this text
was to rebel at the apparent arbitrariness, even nastiness, of getting a
karmic kick in the teeth for choosing to delay getting incarnated. But then
I tossed it around a bit to see if I could find a reasonable principle or
process in those apparently cranky words. Sure enough, a couple of ideas
came up, like this:

First, the karma is a *natural* reaction or consequence, just as gut-ache
is a consequence of eating too much chocolate fudge at once, no matter how
enticing. So it's not vindictive, just what happens if you use free will
that way. You use just as much free will to make the other choice, in fact
probably a lot more :-) So it wasn't a matter of one lot of these beings
using free will and the others not. If it's the sense of coercion like
"Obey me out of your free will or I'll make your pay for it" you don't
like, well, that would rile me too, but I don't think it was really like that.

I think the choice to delay incarnation was in a way choosing to deny one's
inner purpose. To enjoy the immediate (the chocolate fudge) at the expense
of the longer-term. To choose to be a fractured or discordant being. And
the consequences of this we can see in ordinary human terms around us, in
those who consciously or unconsciously have made this kind of choice.

Further, as the quote implies, the evolution of the higher and lower
components of being got more out of step as the delay increased. With
children, having unruly or "impure" personal vehicles as a result of
environment or unwise parenthood only makes the job of the incoming
spiritual being harder. Again, not vindictive, just a consequence.

So, I think it's something like this. It is hard to know what these cryptic
statements are about, but if as we're told, we need to use our intuition to
burrow beyond the surface, then we've got a hell of a good opportunity to
build up intuitional athleticism right here!! :-)

I love your writing, by the way; both you (Kym) and Dallas, in your very
different ways.


PS: Isn't it intriguing how different streams of consciousness and history,
at different levels, are portrayed as making up the human being?

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