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Re: Corrections re Judge

Nov 02, 1998 01:52 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Paul:

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Many of us do not have the

in depth

knowledge of the various happenings in the TS in the past and

feedback from

you is eye opening.

Would you like to share any further info you have seen or read in


to the allegation regarding Olcotts "indiscretions". My regard

for him is

not going to change no matter what further info comes out because

he did

spend much of his prime of life for expanding Theosophy.

As regards what was actually said and was not said at the Krotona

conference, if only the players who are still alive care to be

active in

Internet discussion groups, any misstatement can be put to rest


But that is not happening based on what we see and I do not see

any changes

in the near future unless some revolution takes place in TSA.

It is rather unfortunate that after HPB died, the Masters did not

care to

communicate as they did when she was alive. If she were to be

alive today

and the Masters were communicating, we would have had an instant

rebuttal/correction to set facts right.


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