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Mahatma's letters in Judge's handwriting

Nov 03, 1998 06:40 PM
by Augoeides

PIONEER by Sven Eek & Boris de Zirkoff

"The accusations against Judge grew out of a number of
documents which Walter R. Old, at one time a devoted
worker in H.P.B.'s household in London, and Sidney V. Edge,
Bought to Adyar in December, 1893, and which purported to 
prove that Judge had been misusing the names and 
handwritings of the Masters to bolster has own personal aims. 
Olcott found the documents incriminating."

"I believe that he [Judge] has sometimes received messages
for other people in one or other of the ways I will mention
in a moment, but not be direct writing by the Master nor by
His direct precipitation; and that Mr. Judge has then
believed himself to be justified in writing down in the script
adopted by H.P.B. for communications from the Master, the
message psychically received, and in giving it to the person for 
whom it is intended, leaving that person to wrongly assume
that it was a direct precipitation or writing by the Master
Himself - that is, that it was done through Mr. Judge, but
done by the Master."
p.31 (statement by Annie Besant read at the Third Session
of the European Convention of the TS, July 12, 1994)

>From ANCIENT WISDOM REVIVED by Bruce F. Campbell

"It was assumed by some that Mrs. Besant would assume
leadership of the Esoteric Section, but Judge had other
ideas.  He suggested that the Council of the Esoteric Section
be dissolved and that its powers be delegated jointly to
Mrs. Besant and himself as joint "Outer Heads" of the
action.  At the same time, a series of messages appeared 
mysteriously that were to strengthen his hand.  The
first, which he reported he discovered in the cabinet in
H.P.B.'s room, carried the impression of a seal with the 
letter =91M' and appeared to be a message from the Master
Morya.  Several days later, at a meeting held to decide
the future of the Esoteric action, Mrs. Besant found among
her papers a slip which read in red pencil: "Judge's Plan
is Right.'  The signature and =91M' seal was there as before.
Judge's plan for joint Outer Heads was adopted 

"Olcott recognized the seal as one he bought some years
earlier.  On a trip to Punjab in 1883, he ordered a craftsman
to make a seal bearing =91M' as a present for the Master
M. He gave it to Madame Blavatsky to forward, but she
claimed it was a slightly inaccurate representation of His sign
and put it among her own things. It disappeared in 1888."
pp. 105-6

>From HAMMER ON THE MOUNTAIN by Howard Murphet

He [Olcott) asked Mrs. Besant to draw up the formal charges
against the Vice-President.  This she did in the form of a 
prosecutor's brief, presenting six charges with supporting
evidence.  In the main charges covered: deception in the use
of the seal and in other matters; untruthfulness with regard
to communications with the Masters; and sending out 
messages and orders as if sent and written by the Masters, 
such messages and orders being proved to be non-genuine by
(a) error as in matter of fact (b) threat based on mistake, and 
(c) triviality. The probability of such messages being fraudulent 
was further enhanced by the facts that (i) they occurred only in 
letters from, or within the reach of, Mr. Judge, (ii) the 
knowledge displayed in them was limited to that possessed 
by Mr. Judge, and (iii) they were calculated to bring personal 
advantage to Mr. Judge, in some cases directly, and in all 
indirectly, because  of his being the only person through whom 
such written messages were received."

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