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re: Tony's msg

Nov 16, 1998 06:57 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is a msg I posted to theos-talk. Some may find it of interest.

=========================================== wrote:

  That we see different meanings, or interpretations, of the same words is all
  part of the richness of Theosophy.  But once we begin to say one
  interpretation is right to the exclusion of others, then all the splits
  start to happen.  The Theosophical Society becomes the Theosophical

You are right on target. It look like, we are all like the eight blind men
who tried to 
describe the elephant. Theosophy itself is not mentioned or defined in the
objects or the 
articles of incorporation.. All we need is one person who is not blind --
one who could 
see and describe what Truth is. Again we run into what seems to be a
problem of trying 
to describe something which cannot be accurately and fully described in so
many words.

The pity is that some still believe in and try to "teach" theosophy and
issue certificates you 
can hang on the wall. May be later degrees ending up Doctorate in Theosophy
-- just like 
Doctor of Divinity can be obtained. Who knows..

If only we recognize and keep in mind that we are all inquirers, and
nothing more. 
However scholarly one is in academic achievements -- passing many
examinations -- it 
has nothing to do with inquiring about what Truth is. Just my 0.02.

  On the other hand how do we square the rituals of the liberal
  catholic church with what is written in the Mahatma Letters?  How do we
  square the original SD with the different versions?

You cannot square.

To square you need a lot of blind belief (which is very easy, as one does
not have to 
think) in the pronouncement of the well known theosophists of the day. And
believed and still believe today. Of course, it is their birthright to
believe anything they 

It looks like the timing and the personalities involved in LCC. When the
coming of the 
World Teacher was announced, it was believed that there would be a re-run
of what 
happened 2000 years ago. Apostles and the LCC appears to have come in handy. 
(Apostles were created in a hurry by declaring that many of them passed
thru great 
initiations in a great hurry, and every one was made to believe. Just read
Candles inthe 
Sun for the full story.)

Also the leading "officially" sanctioned "occultist" was CWL. To me his
prior training as a 
priest must have colored his expectations how the World Teacher is going to
start his 
mission and LCC came in handy. So the three legs of the stool became - ES,
LCC, and 
Co-Masonry.  According to the author of Tillett, Elder Brother, some
additional rituals (of 
the co-masonry) were extended by CWL to (young) women only who were also in

Just my 0.02. Any feedback/thoughts.


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