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Re: Tibet

Nov 19, 1998 01:19 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Dear Martina,
great to share your information about your experiences with the suppressed
Tibetans. With the increase of internet time is running out much faster for
the Chinese occupation forces. Free Tibet!


> I have just been in Tibet and I found some Internet-cafes in Lhasa,
> rigth in front of the Jokhang - the holiest place in Tibet. Nowadays
> the chinese still control all medias, it is not possible to get
> foreign news. On TV they send only motherland-propaganda. But the
> number of computers with internet will increase and the Chinese cannot
> stop this evolution. So even the local minority - the tibetans - will
> get the chance to communicate with the world. They are nearly starving
> for information! We were asked all the time during our stay, what is
> going on with Dalai Lama and so on.
> PS the small dry riverbed between the holy lake Manasarovar and
> Rakshas Tal had a little bit water this autumn. It was the first time
> since a very long time and it is considered to be a good omen. We hope
> so too.

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