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On James Joyce and the Co-M

Nov 23, 1998 02:52 PM
by Augoeides

In a message dated 11/22/98 6:04:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, theos- writes:

<<  I have some questions for you regarding a term paper I am
 > doing on James Joyce. He had connections with the Theosophical poet
 > George Russell (A.E.) and Yeats in 1904-07.  >>

I have a friend who lived in Dublin for ten years for the purpose
of studying Yeats' esoteric system which was based on the
Tarot cards, the Cabala and his studies in theosophy.  He was a 
friend of Yeat's late wife.  From conversations with him and from 
what I've read, W. B. Yeats, MacGrethor Mathers, William
Wynn Wescott, Kenneth MacKensie, A. E. Waite, Florence
Farr, the mistress of G.B. Shaw and a host of other 
luminaries of the time were members of the Golden Dawn and 
many had overlapping membership in Masonry. 

In reference to James Joyce, I can't give you answer about
the possibility of his being a Co-Mason. You can email
the Co-Masonic Federation in Larkspur at
or Co-Freemasonry in Ojai, California at
John Algeo, being a former college professor of English and a
Co-Mason, could probably give you a more definitive answer
on Joyce than the splinter group in Larkspur.

Best Wishes,

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