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Info Request

Nov 23, 1998 03:10 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Hi, I do not have much information on your question. However, I am
copying this to theos-l, ti-l, and theos-talk with a request that anyone
who has any information to provide you directly as I do not think you
are subscribed to any of these theosophical maillists.

If you need any further info, let me know.


Carolyn Schoenert wrote:

>  M.K.,    I have some questions for you regarding a term paper I am
> doing on James Joyce. He had connections with the Theosophical poet
> George Russell (A.E.) and Yeats in 1904-07. Were these men also
> Co-Masons? Was Co-Masonry established within these dates in Dublin?
> Can you refer me to an Irish or International Hdqs. for Co-Masonry?
> Joyce's Ulysses makes several references to Freemasonry that he could
> have taken from available Commentaries; he never approached the
> organization for an application. Yet, he states a sentence that
> appears in the 1st Degree Blue Lodge that would not appear in
> Commentaries. Someone revealed these lines and I am wondering who?

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